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EM Devices Charter of Corporate Behavior​

  • Attaining Customer Satisfaction

    EM Devices earns customer satisfaction and confidence by developing and offering beneficial and reliable products and services and by paying careful attention to safety.​

  • Developing New Technologies

    EM Devices strives to develop creative technologies and works actively to break ground in new business areas for the future prosperity of society.​

  • Conducting Fair Corporate Activities

    EM Devices promotes fair, transparent, and free competition between corporations and ensures that its relationships and dealings with government agencies and political bodies are of a normal and proper nature.​

  • Disclosing Information

    EM Devices delivers accurate and sufficient corporate information in a timely, clear, and appropriate manner while enhancing the transparency of its corporate activities.​

  • Preserving the Global Environment

    EM Devices reduces the impact on the global environment and contributes to building a sustainable society.​

  • Maintaining Good Relations with the Community

    EM Devices respects the customs and cultures of all regions and countries and manages its activities in a way that contributes to community development.

  • Conducting Thoughtful Corporate Citizenship Activities

    EM Devices fully recognizes that it is a key member of society and actively engages in philanthropy and other activities of social benefit as a good corporate citizen.

  • Protecting Human Rights

    EM Devices respects human rights in all its corporate activities, never accepting any discriminatory practices or child or forced labor.​

  • Valuing Employees

    EM Devices respects each employee’s individuality and creates work environments where all its employees can fully demonstrate their abilities and carry out their jobs with enthusiasm.

  • Protecting Intellectual Property and Personal Information

    EM Devices recognizes the value of intellectual property and personal information and properly manages them.​

EM Devices Code of Conduct

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