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Corporate Philosophy​

Connect and relay​

Through “MONODZUKURI” ,​
we enrich our lives by
connecting people and things​

Connecting and relaying “MONODZUKURI” …

Starting with the development of the wire spring relay in 1955, we have manufactured and provided numerous products to create customer needs. Much like a relay runner, we keep improving on the technologies that have been seamlessly passed on up to this point. And we are providing customer satisfaction via products in the future.​

Connecting people and relaying things…

Our products are used in all kinds of situations in everyday life, connecting people and things. We are committed to making people’s lifestyle more convenient and comfortable in the future.​

Connecting and relaying lives and minds for the next generation…​

We aim to enrich the lives and minds of all our employees through “MONODZUKURI”. Constantly mindful of the natural environment and contribution to society, we are creating a more affluent society to relay onto the next generation.​

What’s New

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  2. 2021.02.14

    Impact of the earthquake (February 13, 2021)

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  3. 2021.01.28

    Information : Relocation of EM Devices USA Inc.

    We are pleased to inform the relocation of EM Devices USA Inc.New address :34405 ...

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