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Quality Policy

Our quality policy is as follows.

“EMD will provide EM device products and services that will satisfy our customers, and aim to be the overwhelming number one supplier”

  1. EMD will be a company that quickly and accurately respond to customers, globally number one in customer support.
  2. EMD will improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and achieve zero defects.
  3. Continuous improvement will realize the world’s highest productivity and lowest cost.
  4. Continue to provide the industry with leading-edge products containing R & D exceeding expectations.

What’s New

  1. 2020.05.07

    ”2020 Creativity Innovation Award” (Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

    We are pleased to announce that we have received the “2020 Creativity Innovation” fro...

  2. 2020.04.17

    Additional data sheet “HX1 sereise”

    Additional data sheet "HX1 sereise"Please reffer Download...

  3. 2020.04.17

    Resumption of operations at Philippine factory

    Our Philippine factory, which had been halt since April 1 due to the Philippine gover...

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