EM Devices Corporation


Large current capacity Automotive relay HX1

EM Devices Corporation is pleased to announce the development of the HX1 Series of large current capacity relays for automotive electric applications.

Automotive relay HX1 is a printed circuit board mounting type relay used for automotive electrical components. HX1 is available for large current (30A), and suitable for motors such as wipers and pump, heaters, lamp control.

HX1 was developed following the technology of our best-selling relay EX series. The current capacity is 35A fuse rate (normal temperature), and the mounting area is about 30% smaller than our EM1 series 40A product.

EM Devices has started production of HX1 from April 2020 at Philippines factory, and plan to product 30 million pcs per year on 2025.

Dimensions        14.1mm×9.2mm×15.8mm
Max. carrying current  35A fuse rating at 20°C
Life expectancy     1,000,000 cycles (Mechanical)
              100,000 cycles (Electrical, Rated load)
Weight          5g