EM Devices Corporation


New employee entry ceremony 2018

Our company (EM Devices Co., President & CEO: Akihiko kowata Head Office: Shiroishi City, Miyagi Prefecture) made the entry ceremony for new employee entry in 2018 as follows. This ceremony was the first ceremony after our company was founded in April last year.

President’s speech

I sincerely welcome the entry of two new recruits. Our company was established in April 2017, and two will be the first new recruits we will have. Although our company is a one year foundation, the history of the relay business is about half a century, and based on the “power of manufacturing” cultivated over many years, it is about to further grow.

I would like two people to think about themselves as they learn and to think about what to do to make them better. Even if there are opposites from the surroundings, do not be afraid of failure, discuss it, decide what to do, and eventually grow up as a person who pulls around with your own style. If there is something painful, get over that with a smile then.

Our brand “NEXEM” is derived from “NEXT EM device, seeking the possibilities of next generation electromagnetic component / EM device”. I would like to pursue my possibilities and grow with my company. We welcome new employment from the heart.