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President’s Year Message for employees in 2018 (abstract)

2018 President’s Year Message: “Do not be afraid of failure, move yourself”

We will inform the President’s Year Message for employees in 2018 (EM Devices Co., President and Representative Director: Akihiko Kowata Head Office: Shiroishi City, Miyagi Prefecture) as follows.

The speach was done at the headquarters (Shiroishi), and the state was relayed to Tokyo, the United States, China (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen), Korea, Germany and France using the video conference system.

1. Date and time: Thursday, January 4, 2018

2. President’s Year Message for employees in 2018 (abstract)
In April 2017, we started as an independent company. The performance of the new company has been favorable supported by strong orders for automotive electronics.
Meanwhile, prices of materials such as copper are rising, and the condition that keeps on going on continues.
Do not be afraid of failures in 2018, act like you act yourself.
As a result of actively acting without fear of failure, if we fail, we want to make a company culture that everyone will come together and thoroughly locate the cause, then think for everyone to succeed the next.