EM Devices Corporation

Application Group

DC/DC Converter Control

These applications require circuit switching control.
Therefor, 1 Form B or 1 Form C type is recommended as contact configuration.
One single relay is basically recommended for circuit switching control.



  • DC/DC Converter

Recommended Relays

Type of Relay Mounting Space
(mm  ×  mm)
Contact Form Contact Ratings Download
Nominal load capacity
製品画像 EX2 12.6 × 14.1 1c × 2 14VDC-25A Catalog Data Sheet
製品画像 EX1 8.0 × 12.6 1c 14VDC-25A Catalog Data Sheet
製品画像 EL1 12.9 × 14.9 1c 14VDC-40A Catalog Data Sheet
製品画像 HX1 9.7 × 14.6 1c
16VDC-30A Data Sheet

Whether the relay fits or not depends on the conditions of usage.
Please use Relays after confirming the detailed conditions of relay usage.
Please don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions.