EM Devices Corporation

Analysis Equipment

Various evaluation and analysis equipment

We evaluate and analyze from materials to products with our perfection equipment. And we will create products that satisfy our customers.

  • Quality Control
  • Environmental Control
  • Material Evaluations
  • Process Evaluations
  • 耐久試験機

    Endurance Testing Machine

  • リフロー炉

    Reflow Furnace

  • フーリエ変換赤外分光光度計

    Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer

  • 蛍光X線分析装置

    X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer

  • 冷熱衝撃試験機

    Thermal Impact Tester

  • 高温高湿試験機

    High Temperature and High  Humidity Tester

  • 軟X線透過装置

    Soft X-ray Transmission Device

  • 電子線マイクロアナライザ

    Electron Microanalyzer

  • デジタル顕微鏡

    Digital Microscope

  • 3次元自動測定装置

    3D Automatic Measuring Device

  • 振動試験機

    Vibration Tester

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