EM Devices Corporation

EV Relays (AC Relays/High Voltage DC Relays)

Product List

NEXEM provides high current/voltage capacity types and can accept PHEV and EV application.


■AC Relays

  • Small while large capacity of AC loads and high dielectric strength
  • Flux tight hosing suitable for automatic soldering dip
  • Semi-customizable for use in all types or circuitry, including
  • RoHS compliance

Product List

Type of Relay Mounting Space
(mm × mm)
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Nominal load capacity Nominal Operating Power
Nominal Voltage
製品画像 AX1S 16.2 × 21.4 1c/1a 277Vac-16A 1200 12 Data sheet
製品画像 AX1 16.2 x 21.4 1c/1a 277Vac-32A 1200 12 Data sheet

Whether the relay fits or not depends on the conditions of usage.
Please use Relays after confirming the detailed conditions of relay usage
Please don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions.