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Impact of volcanic eruptions in the Philippines [As of January 21, 2020 am9: 00]

On around of 15:00 (JST) on January 12, 2020 (Sunday), there was a large eruption at Taal Volcano near Manila.
Here is the current status of our Philippine factory.

(1) Human damage
There is no damage to Group employees.

(2) Damage to the factory
The building and facilities are not damaged, and production is as usual.

(3) Impact on logistics
The shipment has been performed normally.

(4) About the future
The volcanic earthquake is decreasing and the volcanic smoke is low, so it seem to be in a lull.
But the eruption alert level 4 (a dangerous explosive eruption is imminent) announced by the Philippine government has been continued and we will monitor the situation continuasly.

Philippines’ Taal volcano status lowered to alert level 2 on Feburuary 14.
Philippines’ Taal volcano status lowered to alert level 3 on January 26.

Lvel 2 : Small to medium scale seismic activity. May lead to eruption.
Lvel 3 : ‘decreased tendency towards hazardous eruption,’ but it does not mean ‘that the threat of a hazardous eruption has disappeared’